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Committing to business objectives. Striving for clear, measurable, ambitious, time-bound goals. Taking on responsibility to achieve performance targets.


Being real. Being honest to oneself and others. Having and showing good intentions - saying something and meaning it.


Forming real relationships based on engagement and collaboration to advance the parties’ shared interest.


Being grateful by recognising or understanding that someone or something is valuable and important.


Withstanding hardship and adversity for long periods of time without giving up. The ability to recover from unpleasant experiences.


Feeling a strong emotion or desire for - or devotion to - a particular activity, object or concept.

Life at Papaya

We mix business with pleasure.
Our four-floor offices, located in the heart of Tel Aviv, are filled with talented employees, dogs, indulging facilities, and good energy.
Ranked by Dun’s 100 as one of the top 50 hi-tech companies in Israel to work for.

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