Retargeting Campaign Manager



Papaya is a TLV-based mobile games market leader with one of the fastest growth rates in the market and millions of players worldwide.

We’re looking for a passionate Senior Retargeting Manager who’s eager to establish themselves as a significant building block in a marketing team.In this role, you will plan and execute marketing strategies (retargeting and cross-promotion) and identify the best actions to drive high-quality users and revenue for our games. It will involve being a critical part of the marketing team, planning the short and long-term growth strategies for our mobile games, guiding the creative team, analyzing and collaborating with other teams to target the most relevant users to our games and bring them back.


  • Drive the mobile growth strategy for multiple mobile games.
  • Hands-on campaign management on various mobile ad networks. Perform campaign optimization with respect to bidding strategies, creatives, costs, geography, and platform considerations to meet company goals.
  • Build and maintain strategic relationships with key partners.
  • Regularly research and test new traffic sources, technology, and formats to meet the marketing targets.
  • Data Analysis (Identifying trends, opportunities, discrepancies).
  • Guide the creative team to create new concepts, and iterate based on the performance of the creatives.
  • Effectively communicate campaign performance with the team and the management team on a regular basis.


  • 2+ years of experience in performance marketing – running UA and Retargeting campaigns, in the gaming industry.
  • Campaign management on self-served platforms - a must.
  • Media buying and network relationship management experience with budgets of over $1M/month.
  • Highly analytical and technical: Understands components of ad calls across various channels.
  • Ability to manipulate and analyze large quantities of data and present it in reports.
  • Deep understanding of mobile attribution.
  • Strong organizational, analytical, thinking outside the box, and problem-solving skills.